My wounds are healing slowly, I don’t know what to expect next in this journey called life. My heart and head are confused. I do not know which way is the right one to go. I’m tired of the life that I’m living right know, I just want to live a little bit for myself. I’ve never felt so sad before, like someone inside me just died. Or did I come to the conclusion that I died a long time ago and I want to come back to life?

I feel like an empty box, with nothing in it, like they pulled out with hate all what was in it. So I stand here, doing what everybody does, the world turns, and I’m still numb.
Will I be cured one day? I hope so, because this way I'm letting myself die...

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    Anónimo dijo...

    ah sylvie, how is that your sadness is so beautiful? ^_^, I really like this one : ) (btw, I read it while playing that song : P)

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