Esto es un relato que escribí la noche que mis padres me comunicaron que se iban a separar, aún no tengo ni idea del porqué lo escribí en inglés. Tiene un final abierto, porque aún no se si lo continuaré, mientras tanto, disfrútenlo.

How to deal with pain? I used to ask myself over and over again the same annoying question. Does it ever stop?
I was standing petrified with my mobile phone in my hands. When my blood began running back into my pale astonished face I noticed I was trembling.
I never knew what was on his mind. I never minded neither. I just liked spending time with him. Listen to his jokes, watching his incredible white teeth while he talked and smiled. He was gorgeous, he was in fact one of the most popular students on campus. Was that the reason I never minded asking what he was thinking of?
I was a really shy girl before, and now everybody knew my name and talked to me when we encountered.
Why did my heart hurt that much? Katie just told me she saw him with another girl. It annoyed me very much, because he was supposed to meet me but he cancelled. And now of the sudden he was haven a drink with another girl – not me – in a café in center of town.
My blood started to boil. The pain didn’t go away, it just increased while my fury grew. It was like venom rushed trough my veins.
“Sam? Are you there?” Katie’s voice sounded in my hands.
“Are you ok?”
I didn´t think I was, reason why I just answered “hmm”. Katie was sitting on a bench in the avenue and had assured me that he couldn’t see her. She stopped talking for a moment – maybe trying to be tactful – but continued describing the person who was having a drink with my boyfriend
She continued babbling about what he was doing, when she gasped and almost screamed in my ear.
“They just kissed!”

I couldn’t hear Katie anymore. My phone had fallen from a second floor and had broken in multiple fragments scattered around the driveway.
I wasn’t completely sure what I was doing. I just grabbed the keys from my desk and headed to my car – a silver Toyota Hilux.
When I got in the cabin, I didn’t really now where I was headed. Maybe I wanted to see for myself? No, I didn’t want to.

The only thing left for me now, was a single empty road before me.

Espero que les haya gustado, Eiko

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    Inu dijo...

    I liked the story but I don´t know why you make them always so sad.
    You talk about love stories and they end up with broken harts and lost hopes. How sad.

    I do like your writing form and I´ll be waiting for more.

  1. ... on martes, febrero 03, 2009